Introducing Three Dimensional Laminate

Three Dimensional Laminate

Seamless Superior Quality Finishes

Textured 3D Laminate is universally pleasing and particularly popular in modern design. It is especially suited for the Healthcare and Hospitality industries. The deep emboss makes it extremely durable and withstands constant cleaning. Textured 3D Laminate works great for our table top surfaces.

Stone, like the real thing, is very durable but without the high cost. The 3D Laminate’s natural stone-look finishes shine the most brightly on tabletops. Authentic has a slight emboss to create the look of real wood; both solid wood grain and reclaimed wood. It provides a classic or rustic effect and works well as a smooth surface. It has solid durability, although not as tough as the textured finish.


The seamless edges prevents the migration of contamination and warped seams.


Strong, super durable, and flexible laminate is molded to a solid table core. This process reduces warping, cracking and splitting.


High stain resistance and is exceptionally easy to clean.


There is currently a 3-4 week lead time for our three dimensional laminate table tops.

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