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Our Premium Collection of seamless tables are beautiful, durable and American made. We offer a large variety of color and design finishes in two of our recommend table top styles: Powdercoat and Three Dimensional Laminate.


Table Tops Styles





Copper Marble Powdercoat Top with Woodgrain Steel Base


Woodgrain Powedercoat with Chrome Cross Base


Marble Powdercoat with Florentine Base


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seamless powdercoat Tables

A durable and impermeable surface.

Our powdercoating technology provides a consistent and uniform finish leaving no seam between the table top and the edge on our Superior MDF tables . There are endless table shapes and edge profiles available for every decor.


Why Powdercoat?

An unprecedented structural warranty.

Our highly durable & non-absorbing finish won’t be damaged by food, beverages, or cleaning products. They have exceptional impact resistance and are now available with an anti-microbial powdercoat finish.


Consistent and uniform finish throughout the table top and edge.


Minimizes chips, scratches and has no potential for delamination.

Stain Resistant

Our powdercoating technology resists common stains.

Ring Resistant

Beverages won’t leave a ring behind with our powdercoated finish.

Heat Resistant

Our durabale table tops are tolerant to hot dishes and beverages.

Fade Resistant

Our UV coating protects against fading from sun exposure.

over 40 Powdercoat finishes

Find the perfect finish for your table here.

Our tables are available in a variety of finishes including: solid colors, stones, metallics, wood grains, granites, and marbles. We are also able to include your logo or any design through either etching or the dye sublimation process.

Powdercoat Finishes

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Introducing Our 3D Laminate

Superior quality and cost effective.

Three Dimensional Laminate is a flexible, vinyl based Laminate that undergoes a Membrane Pressing Process which applies positive pressure and heat to a Primed Laminate substrate.


Why 3D Laminate? 

Long lasting and great looking.


Get the same look of a stone or wood without the high cost.

Attractive Finishes

Over 40 modern Natural stone and wood look finishes.

Low Maintenance

Extremely resistant to warping, cracking and splitting.

Superior Quality

3D Laminate is heavy duty, strong, super durable while remaining attractive.

Easy to Clean

An exceptionally easy to clean surface. The seamless edge prevents the migration of contamination.

Stain Resistant

Highly resistant to stains from food and beverages. A perfect surface for the restaurant industry.

Check out  our Finish Options

Standard or custom laminate patterns are available.

The Three Dimensional Laminate is perfect for nearly all restaurant installations. Our Three Dimensional Laminate is currently suitable for indoor applications. We are forecasting that our outdoor tables will be available in 2023.

3D Laminate Finishes

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We have over 30 table base options.

You can’t have a table without a base. Choosing the right table base is important for the aesthetics, stability and function of your table.

Table Bases

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